A pro life forum for Catholics to battle the culture of death
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 Warriors Of Joan:Our Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Warriors Of Joan:Our Mission Statement   Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:24 pm

We are Catholics prepared to do battle in our present culture of death.We are faithful to the teaching authority of the Church and our Holy Father,Pope Benedict XVI.

We have been formed because of our alarm and disappointment that 50% of Catholics recently voted for the most pro abortion President in our history-and because Catholics continue to vote for pro abortion candidates.

We also formed because many of our Catholic politicians cause grave scandal and lead many Catholics astray by being not only pro abortion but aggressively pro abortion.

They take prominence and position over remaining faithful to the Church and some of our bishops and priests seem to be failing in standing up to them.

This must change.

We are not here to attack our bishops but to support them so they will be able to stand up to these people.We feel that the American Catholic Church is failing in her responsibility to safeguard our Catholic truths.

It is up to us-the laity-to take responsibility.To do all that we can to promote a culture of life and as John Paul II proclaimed, A Civilization of Love.

We are answering the call to a new evangelization-our focus primarily on the evils of abortion,euthanasia,contraception and to promote the foundation of society;the family.

Our patron saint is Joan of Arc because we are prepared to do battle.

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Warriors Of Joan:Our Mission Statement
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