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 Catholic Politicians

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PostSubject: Catholic Politicians   Catholic Politicians EmptyTue Jan 27, 2009 8:17 am

There are so many prominent Catholic politicians who are not only pro abortion but aggressively pro abortion. They not only support abortion but other positions that directly oppose the Church's teaching.They do so publicly.

Nancy Pelosi,John Kerry,Rudy Guilliani, Ted Kennedy(actually all of the Kennedy's as far as i can tell),our new VP Joe Biden.

Joe recently took communion and the parish where he attended CHEERED the new VP.

This is so scandalous and i'm sure contributes to lay Catholics believing you can be Catholic and pro abortion.

It's true that 50% of Catholics voted for THE most pro abortion candidate in our history and continue to vote for pro abortion candidates.

I don't know how they rationalize this when the teaching of the Church is clear.They are not getting the message.
Maybe they don't want to get the message or have convinced themselves that this is not a problem.That you can leave your Catholic faith outside the voting booth.
Many of our bishops and priests do speak out;but many do not. It's as if they are afraid of offending someone.Or they are on board with the laity in voting for pro abortion candidates.I honestly don't know. I do know this has to stop.
It causes grave scandal to the Church.It misleads many.

I propose that unless these Catholic politicians are excommunicated PUBLICLY this will continue.
The act is public;the redress needs to be public.

The pro life movement is not going to give up no matter who is elected. Obama has his nerve saying debate is divisive.
God bless,
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Catholic Politicians
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