A pro life forum for Catholics to battle the culture of death
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 Several Fronts

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PostSubject: Several Fronts   Several Fronts EmptyFri Feb 20, 2009 11:30 am

1. support Priests For Life.Fr Frank Pavone has been fighting this battle for years and he does a terrific job
2. Let's see which Bishops are truly speaking out and which one's aren't.
3. We need to reach,via internet, Catholics who have either not been catechized well,those who honestly don't know Church teaching re life issues and those who simply think the Church is a democracy.
4. Contact the Catholics in Congress as well as the Obama administration.We MUST speak up!!
5. I set up a social networking site to coincide with what we do at our forum. Social networking has become very popular recently and NING has a lot to offer. We might even attract members there.
It's called Warriors Of Joan of course,Check it out! I added some webrings and may add one or two more that fit in with our forum. I think though the Social Networking site is the best way;but can't hurt to use all that's available.
When i get time and this computer has been formatted am going out to seek new members for Warriors of Joan.The more of us who put our heads together the better.
I also found a site where we can do petitions. Once we get enough ppl here to help us make it viral we can do some petitions. They do help.

And of course,Pray.
IF anyone has any ideas to put out here, add em.
We can do this!
God Bless!
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Several Fronts
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