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Dear Friend,
I’ve sent you this urgent email because YOU
have a critical role to play in helping Priests for Life keep God’s
people from making the same tragic and deadly mistake they made forty
years ago.
To do your part, click here and follow the instructions!
Mark my words.
With pro-abortion extremists in control of the powers of government, the
youngest children in our human family – those living in their mothers’
wombs – are in graver danger now than at any time since Roe v Wade!!

truth, today’s situation is hauntingly similar to the late 1960s when
anti-life fanatics began their drive to make abortion legal. That’s when God’s people made their ill-fated mistake.
know because one of the chief architects of the strategy to legalize
abortion – Dr. Bernard Nathanson ... the same man who has become a
member of the Church and an outspoken champion of the unborn –told me
what it was that allowed his fellow abortion extremists to succeed.
In the 1960s Dr. Nathanson was anything but pro-life. Back then he was an abortionist. By his own admission he killed thousands of babies. He helped launch NARAL and played a major role in devising the strategy that paved the way for Roe v Wade and legalized abortion-on-demand throughout all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy.
strategy was to vilify the Church because he knew that the major
obstacle blocking the path to legalized and socially tolerated abortion
was the Catholic Church. Period.
So he and his co-conspirators set out to silence the bishops and undermine the Church’s moral teaching authority. They attacked the Church relentlessly. They portrayed the Pope, the bishops and the priests as villains. They fed outrageous lies to members of the news media ... who then reported those lies as facts. Lies about the number of women who died in so-called “unsafe” abortions. Lies about the number of illegal abortions taking place in America. And most especially, lies that claimed that most Catholics at the time wanted abortion law reform.
yet, in spite of their bravado, Dr. Nathanson admits that he and his
fellow abortion supporters feared that the clergy would mount a
massive, nationwide outcry that would challenge the false claims the
abortion supporters were making and ultimately defeat them.
leads me to the secret Dr. Nathanson revealed to me ... words that
haunts me to this day ... and the reason why I’ve sent you this
critically important email alert. He told me:
“We would never have gotten away with what we did if you (the clergy) had been united, purposeful, and strong.”
And that, my friend, is the terrible mistake God’s people made forty years ago.
The Catholic clergy was SILENT!
Well, unlike the abominable silence and inaction of forty years ago ...
... today’s clergy are speaking out!
Did you see how many bishops made strong pro-life statements before the elections?
Many people told me, “The work of Priests for Life is paying off!”
Then, at their November 2008 meeting the bishops took action
to mobilize the entire Catholic community to write Congress demanding
that it: (1) Retain all current pro-life laws and policies; and (2)
Oppose the federal funding and promotion of abortion.
To jumpstart that mobilization the bishops launched a national pro-life postcard campaign to Congress. This unified pro-life action by our bishops is invigorating!
And I need you to click here so that Priests for Life can amplify their voice.
The fact of the matter is that we can reach far more people than our bishops can. And I don’t mean a few thousand more. I’m talking about literally tens of millions of Americans!
That’s because of the vast communications network you have helped Priests for Life establish; a network that includes:
· Television:
Mother Angelica’s EWTN network ... Sky Angel with our “Gospel of Life”
show ... guest appearances on cable and satellite news programs.
· Radio: We’re on all the Catholic and Christian stations ... and talk radio, too.
· Internet: Jam-packed with the latest pro-life news and information, our website – www.priestsforlife.org – attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.
· Email: Instant communication with tens of thousands of pro-life activists.
· Teleconferences:
Key strategy sessions with pro-life leaders and activists (NOTE: Our
most recent teleconference had over 4,000 activists on the line with
· Publications: My bi-weekly pro-life column ... editorials ... blog postings.
· Pro-life conferences:
Members of our pastoral team are constantly on the road giving pro-life
talks and rallying the people of life to take to the streets
· Churches: Liturgical resources ... newsletter to priests ... parish visits.
Best of all, this nationwide outreach isn’t reserved just for Catholics and my brother priests.
For years now Priests for Life has been working hand-in-hand with dynamic pro-life leaders from other denominations. As
a result, Priests for Life is able to energize pro-lifers who are
sympathetic to the plight of the unborn but might not be aware of our
bishops’ call to arms.
Well, if ever there was a time when the unborn needed as many champions as possible coming to their defense, that time is NOW!
So take a moment right now to click here and put your pro-life dollars to work as Priests for Life rallies the people of life to RISE UP and SPEAK OUT in defense of our most helpless children.
The drive to cement legalized abortion-on-demand for generations to come has already begun!
Obama just reversed the long-standing “Mexico City policy” that kept
your tax dollars from funding the work of international pro-abortion
organizations like Marie Stopes and the International Planned
Parenthood Federation.
Then there is the “Abortion Manifesto” that I recently told you about.
together by a coalition of 33 pro-abortion groups, the signers of that
55-page document fully expect President Obama to carry out their
anti-life demands within his first 100 days in office. As I just told you, he’s already begun to do so.
if he does all that they demand – and there’s no reason to think he
won’t – then he will expand abortion far beyond its current level ...
which right now stands at thousands of babies killed every day!
One key part of that “Manifesto” is the extremist “Freedom of Choice Act” ... or FOCA.
FOCA, as written by the last Congress, were to become law, it would
undo all pro-life laws in all fifty states and cement
abortion-on-demand as a legal right for generations to come.

Fortunately, you and Priests for Life have helped create a massive outcry against FOCA. So much so that it now appears unlikely that pro-abortion lawmakers in Congress will ever get enough votes to pass it.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we’ve defeated FOCA.
all likelihood, the abortion zealots will break FOCA up into pieces and
attach them to various “must pass” bills (such as some of the “bail
out” proposals that “have to pass” in order to “save” our economy). Using
that strategy, they will sneak FOCA through Congress one piece at a
time and, when all is said and done, the provisions of FOCA will all
get passed ... but without having an up or down vote on FOCA by itself.
And they are so smug in their new-found power that they are certain of two things:
that the vast majority of our fellow Americans will simply ignore these
attacks on innocent human life and allow them to proceed unimpeded.
Tragically, they may be right on this point. I
fear that too many of our fellow Americans are not yet convinced in
their hearts that the fight to end abortion is, as our bishops so
rightly put it, the “fundamental civil rights issue of our day.”
I say that because of what happened this past November. When
it came time for our fellow Americans to vote on Election Day, far too
many of them voted their pocketbooks instead of their pro-life
We’ve got to change that mindset and remind our fellow Americans that the unalienable right to life is THE primary human right!
Here’s the second thing the abortion fanatics believe.
the people of life to simply roll over and allow them to go on a
killing spree unlike anything our world has ever seen before ... just
like they did forty years ago!

Well, unlike their first expectation, on this point I know for a fact that they are dead wrong!
God’s people will NOT be silent today!
Priests for Life, for one, won’t let them!
We are pulling out all the stops to energize the people of life and SPEAK OUT
with one voice in defense of our youngest brothers and sisters ... the
very ones who are in danger of being killed by abortion over these next
four years!

And I’m counting on you to click here and give us your help today!
No pro-life organization is better equipped to preach the Gospel of Life to our fellow Americans than Priests for Life. And there is no more urgent need to do this than right now.
Besides, this truly is a golden opportunity to end abortion and save lives.
Think about it. As
the anti-lifers advance their extremist abortion agenda with bills like
the “Freedom of Choice Act” and comments on how babies hurt the
economy, we will shine the light of truth on their actions and expose
them for the uncaring and unfeeling elitists that they are.
And the brighter our spotlight, the easier it will be for us to win people over to the side of life.
was during the administration of our last pro-abortion President, Bill
Clinton, that Priests for Life experienced its greatest success in
bringing new recruits into our pro-life movement.
We can make that happen again now ... and use our increased size to win victory over abortion and the culture of death.
in order to achieve that growth and size we must first amplify the
voice of Church leaders and spread our pro-life message to all
To do that I need you to set all self-interest aside ...
... and click here to rush Priests for Life the largest financial gift you can send today!
I’m asking you to do this for the sake of the youngest children.
Their very lives are at stake.
And with each passing day of the current administration their chances of surviving their mothers’ wombs grows less and less.
So put your trust in God and click here to give of yourself and help save His babies.
I know the economy is hurting right now. And more than likely you are, too. I know that. More importantly, God knows that. He is not unmindful of your situation. In fact, just the opposite is true. He cares for you far more than you do for yourself.
So don’t let worries get in the way. God will take care of you.
What He needs you to do is make whatever sacrifice is necessary to defend the most defenseless children. That said, I’m counting on you to click here and be as generous as you possibly can so Priests for Life can rally the people of life and win the fight to end abortion!
you and know that all of us at Priests for Life pray for you every day;
most especially myself and the other priests as we remember you at each
Mass that we offer. God bless you.
Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries
PS I don’t want to leave you with the impression that we can stop every pro-abortion initiative that’s coming down the pike. We can’t. Still, it is essential that we speak out for the children and make our voices heard in Washington. But
while we do that, we must focus the bulk of our energy and money these
next four years building up the people of life and changing the hearts
of our fellow Americans. Please click here and follow the instructions to be part of that great work. If
you will help Priests for Life fulfill that mission, then I am certain
we will one day prevail over the gates of hell and end America’s
abortion holocaust!
If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life
and send it to us at PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.

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