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PLS MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS OUT.Normally i wouldn't post anything re donations;but this is an exception.Evidently Fr Frank thinks it's important enough to send this out.
He doesn't often send anything this urgent.
If you can't donate-that's fine-at least be sure ppl are AWARE of what is going on.
As Fr Pavone put it
Quote :
We will never abandon our unborn brothers and sisters!

Dear Friend,

(Thank you for your support of Priests for Life. If you already responded to the following appeal online, I appreciate your support. This email is intended for those who did not respond when we sent it last week.)

As we suspected, abortion supporters aren't trying to pass the Freedom of Choice Act in one fell swoop.

Their plan is to break it into pieces and pass it incrementally.

And the recent proposal to make taxpayer funding of "family planning" part of the economic stimulus package shows, we were right. Although not specifically part of FOCA, "family planning" is a key element in the plan to enshrine abortion-on-demand as the law of the land for generations to come.

To help keep that from happening, click here


and follow the instructions!

It's critically important that you do this right now .... before you move on to your next email.

Make no mistake. The only reason federal funding for "family planning" was removed from the stimulus bill was due to the massive outcry of protest from you and your fellow pro-life activists.

That in itself demonstrates what the people of life can do when we make our voice heard in Washington! Which is why I've sent you this important letter.

Your dollars are urgently needed so that Priests for Life can keep our pro-life voice strong and loud and clear ... and most important of all, effective!

So please click here and rush Priests for Life the largest contribution you can.

Never forget why you're doing this. Not for me. Not for yourself. And most especially not for our Priests for Life ministry.

You're doing this for the sake of the youngest children in our human family .... namely, our brothers and sisters who are living inside their mothers' wombs.

Your love for them is what motivates you to give of yourself for their sake. So too for me.

And in fighting for them, we are fighting to protect the unalienable right to life that God has endowed on all people from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

As you know only too well, the Freedom of Choice Act threatens to abolish that fundamental right to life. A quick reading of the bill as it was introduced in the last Congress proves it. Here are three of its most dangerous provisions:


Section 4 (a) states: "It is the policy of the United States that every woman has the fundamental right to choose to bear a child, to terminate a pregnancy prior to fetal viability, or to terminate a pregnancy after fetal viability when necessary to protect the life or health of the woman."

NOTE: That means abortion-on-demand!


Section 4 (b)(2) adds that "the government may not discriminate against the exercise of the rights set forth in paragraph (1) in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information."

NOTE: This is the section that will do away with so-called "obstacles" to abortion ... namely, parental notification ... informed consent ... waiting periods ... ultrasound requirements ... and a host of other state laws.

* Section 6: This Act applies to every Federal, State, and local statute, ordinance, regulation, administrative order, decision, policy, practice, or other action enacted, adopted, or implemented before, on, or after the date of enactment of this Act.

NOTE: This is the section that will be used to undo every pro-life provision in every state in the Union.

The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (part of the Library of Congress) put together a summary stating that FOCA:

Prohibits a federal, state, or local governmental entity from: (1) denying or interfering with a woman's right to exercise such choices (NOTE: the "choices" are the three mentioned in Sect 4 (a) above) ; or (2) discriminating against the exercise of those rights in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information.

From all this you can see why everyone is so fired up to keep FOCA from passing. Its abortion-on-demand language is far too radical for the vast majority of Americans to accept.

And those promoting the abortion agenda know it.

So rather than call attention to FOCA's extremist provisions, pro-abortion lawmakers in Congress will break FOCA into pieces and try to sneak them into law one section at a time. They will attach them to other legislation ... like they tried to do when they attached the federal funding of "family planning" programs to the economic stimulus bill.

But the reaction of our pro-life movement was swift and vocal.

So much so that the "family planning" proposal was quickly removed from the bill.

This makes two things crystal clear:

1. The leadership of Congress is going to use the current economic crisis to advance their anti-life agenda. And since passing the Freedom of Choice Act is one of their primary objectives, they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal ... even if it means getting FOCA passed one section at a time as I noted above.

2. The people of life have the strength and political muscle to block that agenda ... if we rise up and make our voices heard.

And that's why I've sent you this urgent letter today.

The pro-abortion lawmakers who control Congress are arrogant elitists.

They are so smug in their new-found power that they believe they can steamroll the people of life because they are confident that when push comes to shove on the economy, the majority of our fellow Americans care more about themselves and their pocketbooks than they do about the youngest members of our human family.

Well, they may be right about many of our fellow Americans.

But they are 100% wrong about you and me and the people of life!

We will never abandon our unborn brothers and sisters!

And we will do everything in our power to awaken our fellow Americans and make them see the truth that abortion corrupts our whole society and retards progress on all the other issues that concern them ... including the economy!

That truth can be summarized in these words of Mother Teresa:

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die
so that you may live as you wish."

Mark my words. We will not end legalized abortion-on-demand in our country until we engrave those words on the hearts of our fellow Americans. As we work round the clock to make that happen ...

... we must also maintain our vigilance over the political process lest the enemy catch us napping.

In order to do that, we need your financial help. So please click here and support Priests for Life's work to defeat those who seek to impose abortion on our country.

Whenever the abortion forces try to sneak a part of FOCA through Congress, we must sound the alarm and rally the people of life to rise up and stop them ... like with did with the anti-life proposal to use federal tax dollars to fund "family planning" programs.

In order for us to take on that vital role every means of our vast communications network must be fully funded and fully operational. These include:


Television: Most especially - (1) Our "Defending Life" series on EWTN, (2) The homilies I preach while celebrating Mass at EWTN, and (3) Our weekly "Gospel of Life" TV show on Sky Angel.

Radio: Our team of pastoral associates are on all the Catholic and Christian stations ... and secular talk radio shows, too.

Internet: Right now Priests for Life designs, maintains and updates over a dozen websites! These provide literally hundreds of thousands of readers information about our own activities as well as work that other pro-life organizations are doing.

Email: Instant communication with tens of thousands of pro-life activists.

Teleconferences: Key strategy sessions with pro-life leaders and activists.

Publications: My bi-weekly pro-life column ... editorials ... blog postings.

Pro-life conferences: Members of our pastoral team are constantly on the road giving pro-life talks and rallying the people of life to take to the streets.

Churches: We provide liturgical resources and other important pro-life material to priests and pastors of all denominations. And remember, each member of the clergy who preaches the Gospel of Life reaches thousands of people!!

That's the vast communications machinery we need to keep in full operation so that when the enemy tries to sneak a section of FOCA into another piece of legislation, we can sound the alarm and lead the people of life to rise up and stop it!

But whether or not Priests for Life is able to do that depends a great deal on you today!

That's because although Priests for Life enjoys close working relations with the Pontifical Council for the Family, other Vatican agencies, and with our U.S. bishops, the fact remains that no official Church body provides Priests for Life with any regular funding. They simply don't have the money to do so.

Nor do we receive major foundation grants ... or large corporate contributions.

So it falls to you and the rest of our loyal Priests for Life family members to provide us with the dollars we need to:

1. Convict our fellow Americans of their moral duty to make their pro-life values the principle that directs their every action.

2. Keep watch over our lawmakers and sound the alarm the moment the enemy tries to sneak sections of FOCA through Congress.

That being the case and the need of our youngest brothers and sisters being so urgent ...

... it is critically important that you to go the extra mile and rush Priests for Life the largest contribution you can send today!

To do so, just click here and follow the instructions.

In truth, the situation for children in the womb is so desperate that the size of your gift is not nearly as important as is the fact that you send something ... TODAY! Please.

Thank you. And know that in grateful appreciation for your financial support, I remember you at each Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that I offer ... as do all the other priests. God bless.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

National Director
Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries

PS House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's unconscionable reasoning for why taxpayers need to pay for "family planning" shows you the kind of elitist thinking we're fighting. According to Speaker Pelosi and her crowd, babies are a drain on the economy because states have to pay for the health care and education of poor children. What gall! Babies are precious gifts from God. And we've got to protect them from callous elitists like Nancy Pelosi. Please, with a committed abortion advocate in the White House and abortion apologists like Pelosi in control of Congress, we've got to be vigilant and rally all pro-life Americans to rise up, speak out and defend the youngest members of our human family. And with your help today, Priests for Life will lead that fight!

NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and send it to us at PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.

If you do not wish to receive any emails from us, let us know at unsubscribe@priestsforlife.org. However, unsubscribing will deprive you of some important and helpful information in the months to come, and therefore we strongly encourage you to stay on our list!
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